Launch it, Girl!


Launch, market and scale a brand and business that feels abundant AF

The 5 Affirmations Every Woman Needs

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“Confidence is your reward for overcoming fear.”

Launch it, Girl! is the playground for defining who you want to be as an entrepreneur and aligning it with a business and marketing strategy that fulfills that purpose.

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About Launch it, girl! Podcast...

Kinsey Machos, host of Launch, it Girl! Invites you to explore the bigger vision that you have for your life and business and to create a space where you can get out of your own way to see that vision through.

Because strategy will only get you so far… If you want to build a business that feels abundant and provides longevity, it requires the right thought patterns.

Which is why Launch it, Girl! Is the perfect combination of mindset and strategy, so you can stop focusing on things that don’t matter and actually move the needle in your business once and for all!