Launch It, Girl! Podcast

Episode 1: The difference Between an Expert & an Amateur

Launch It Girl Podcast Ep 1

The Difference Between an Expert and Amature

0:44 Common Struggle

This is what most women struggle with. They think it’s the strategy, they think it’s about the launch method. Not having enough in place, not having the understanding, the logistics behind the tech, but the fundamental challenge that I find with the clients that I work with and the general audience that I attract, it’s this feeling of Imposter Syndrome

1:09 Imposter Syndrome

If you feel like you don’t know enough. That you don’t have enough experience or that you need to know more. Or you just don’t feel like the expert. If you’re thinking, who am I to teach this? Who am I to launch this? Who am I to build this? These are all feelings and examples of Imposter Syndrome.

1:27 Expert or Amature?

There is one difference between an expert and an amateur. I asked this question in my free Facebook community and someone said the difference is the expert is the person who has a lot of experience and knowledge under the belt. This is the issue in our thinking. 

1:47 Perfectionism

We think we need to know all the things. That we have to have everything perfectly done before we ever take a step and this is so far from the truth. I want you to understand that the only difference between an expert and an amateur is the decision.

2:10 Decisions

The amateur sits in fear, overwhelm, confusion, and just general stuckness. They are choosing those feelings over action. The expert makes decisions. They’re choosing to move forward, even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if it feels scary. Even if they don’t feel ready. The expert is moving and taking action. The expert is making the decision to show up as the expert.

2:47 Belief

I want you to understand taht no one will see you as an expert if you don’t see yourself as one first. There’s nothing that you need more than the belief that everything you have right now, is enough. The experiences, the knowledge is enough.  

3:07 Closer

The only way to becoming closer to having that business you desire, making that money that you want, and walking away from a draining corporate career is if you choose to make that decision to claim yourself as that expert today. 

3:35 Storytime

About 3 and a half to 4 years ago, I started to get the entrepreneurial bug and I came across Amy Porterfield. She was selling courses that convert and she had convinced me that I could build a business off of the things that I’m really good at. She had said in one of her trainings, “what are people coming to you for?” At the time it was social media, and she said well the training is out there so let’s build a course around what you’re good at and you just have to launch the thing. I was totally fired up.

4:16 Energy

You know when you get this energy, and this high and you feel invincible, and you start thinking “nothing can stop me, I’m going to make millions of dollars!” I remember, at the time, sitting down with my husband and after I flushed out the course, I told him that my first launch goal was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I remember him looking at me and saying “I love you and I love the fact that you are a high achiever, but babe, let’s be real.” I was so serious, you guys. 

4:47 Imposter Syndrome Strikes

I remember as I was about to launch this course, I stepped into this “expert” on social media and suddenly, everyone was teaching that as well. I remember the father I got I started going “Oh my gosh, everyone else is teaching it this way. I felt so small and so insignificant. I felt like I didn’t have enough followers. That I didn’t have enough fans. I didn’t have enough content in comparison to these other “experts” so I just, stopped. I never launched the course because, at that moment, I believed that I didn’t know enough.

5:38 Looking Back

I compared myself to what others were doing and looking back, I get frustrated because if only I knew at that moment that I just needed to launch the thing and needed to do some messy action.  If only I had known that I just needed to step into that expert status and just put one foot in front of the other even though I didn’t have the notoriety, or whatever you want to call it, in comparison to the other people in the industry. I had a special uniqueness, but I let that go because everyone else seemed to be the expert at the time.  

6:18 Different Intensities

I need you to understand, this isn’t a want, this is a need, that these feelings will continue to surface with each level that you evolve in your business. New feelings of imposter syndrome will always be there, just at different intensities. You just learn to manage it differently, but you cannot play small. 

6:48 Getting Ready

When you are getting ready to put something out there in the world. When you are getting ready to launch something. Or getting ready to create content for your people, or build a course or program or even putting out an offer, these feelings will creep in the form of “who am I to teach this?” “What am I doing?” I need you to take those feelings and reframe them. I need you to know that you are exactly where you need to be and that you have everything that you already need in order to launch the business and the life that you desire.

7:23 Willing

You have to be willing to do some messy action and be willing to lean into that fear. You have to be willing to step out of that comfort zone that you’ve been in for a while and step into courage.

7:42 Each Step

Know each step will continue to get you closer to whatever life you are shooting for, but know that these feelings of not-enoughness, will continue to surface at all levels. You just learn how to get better at managing them. 

7:57 Expert Mindset

I want you to make that decision today, that you’re the expert and that no one else needs to tell you. There is no amount of numbers in your business or in your friends or followers, or even in the money that you’re making. Nothing is equivalent to the expert status that you’re going to give yourself. It’s the belief that you’re going obtain, or borrow, or whatever that looks like, that you are already the expert. You are not an amateur. You’re only an amateur if you’re deciding to stay where you’re at and not lean into where you want to go, regardless of how messy it feels. 

8:36 Destined

Will you make that decision? Will you commit to being the expert that you were destined to be only by a simple decision?

8:45 You’ve Got This

I want you to build the business that you want. It just requires that first decision. I know this is something that I continue to work through and I want to encourage you to work through those feelings and just lean in. Girl, you’ve got this!

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