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Kinsey Machos

Kinsey Machos is a recovering people pleaser, self-sabotager, and corporate ladder hustler.

Before she was even 30 years old, she already had checked all the boxes of her “success plan”.

She had the sought-after business credentials, the six-figure salary, and all the personal elements of a dream life; an awesome husband, beautiful and healthy kiddos, and a big dreamy home. But there came a day that she realized that at her core — she actually felt empty.

While juggling all the things; marriage, motherhood, and work, she felt like she was just moving through the motions. She was hustling so hard to meet the demands of her career that by the end of each day, she felt like I had NOTHING left to give to her family.

And she realized… this was NOT the life I was meant to live.
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She craved more time with her family, but also had a burning desire to make a bigger impact and have a deeper connection with who she was and what she was made of…

So she put my head down and did the research, hired a coach to help her get the clarity and direction she needed, and she came out on the other side.

She retired from the corporate space at 32 and has built a business that’s in full alignment with her zone of genius and meets the needs of her lifestyle. #familyfirst

And she’s been showing others, just like you, how to do the same by activating your zone of genius, building a magnetic & authentic brand, and launching profitable online businesses that feel abundantly AWESOME.
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